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Pretty Little Liars 5.06 Review: “Run, Ali, Run” | TVOM

TVOM: "This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars has Ali all ready to skip town again. “A” is back throwing threats all over the place, convincing that Ali that she will never be safe in Rosewood. Spencer unsuccessfully schemes to get her parents back together, but her Mom is not having any more of her possibly murderous husband. Aria spends yet more time with Ezra (there really isn’t ever anything new to say about those two). Emily convinces Paige to give up the names of Mona’s army and Hanna deals with her lingering feeling for Caleb and helping Ali run away.
There are two important words this episode, “Bethany Young,” the girl found buried in Ali’s “grave.” Aria and Ezra find a drawing of Mrs. DiLaurentis with Bethany’s name on the back, Spencer starts her usual sleuthing and the girls convince Aria to take a volunteer position at Radley (Rosewood’s mental hospital) to get on the inside and fish out more information about this girl Bethany."

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