The Strain Season 1 Episode #1 – Night Zero Review | Fandom Post

The Strain is here and worth every moment of the wait.

What They Say:
Night Zero – Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team investigate a plane that lands in New York City with everyone on board dead; Pawnbroker Abraham Setrakian is convinced something sinister is beginning.

The Review:
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While I didn’t get too far with this series in its comic book form, I had read the first few issues, which was adapting the novel series of the same name, and was hooked. When FX picked it up and acted very bullish on it with plans for a 39-65 episode series overall depending on how well it does, I was even more intrigued since that kind of backing early on is relatively rare in a business where they couch things very carefully. The Strain has a strong team behind it, especially with Guillermo del Toro producing along with Carlton Cruse, and the idea of getting back to something with a bit more horror to it rather than sparkles within this genre is hugely appealing. While the summer season has had some decent shows so far when it comes to genre material, it hasn’t had any must-see series.

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