Marvel Announcing New Project Tomorrow on ‘The View’

From ScreenRant:

With just over a week left before Comic-Con International begins in San Diego and Marvel Studios having officially scheduled its big presentation for the Saturday evening (July 26th), speculation is ramping up on what Marvel may unveil. As it turns out, we’ll be learning a least part of what Disney and Marvel will be showcasing tomorrow on… The View.

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darklordzor1617d ago

That's what most of us are thinking as well...The thinking here is that since it's the view, perhaps they're announcing a female focused movie or something. Might not even be a movie, but could be.

Crazay1617d ago


I'm sorry....What?

Porcelain_Chicken1617d ago

You were right, female Thor comic book. Will probably serve as a backup in case Hemsworth moves on from the role,