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11 Great Movies With Truly Terrible Plot Twists

Starpulse: In most cases, the quality of a plot twist usually determines the quality of a movie. Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time in The Sixth Sense. Great twist, great movie. Robert Pattinson was actually a 9/11 victim the whole time in Remember Me. Awful twist, borderline offensive movie.

But sometimes things don't add up. Sometimes, in going for that perfect little story zigzag, a film will overshoot (undershooting is also an issue) and leave us with a big twist that either makes no sense, or makes plenty of sense and is just monstrously stupid.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Some of these seem like minor quips (Big Trouble in Little China) but if you can't get over the fact that Wizard of Oz takes place in dream and enjoy it must have had a boring childhood. I actually like the ending of The Mist, it was ballsy stayed in line with the movies commentary of all the post 9-11 paranoia. At least the writer of the article wasn't lazy and just listed M. Night Shyamalan's filmography.