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8 Most Entertaining Fight Scenes In Comic Book Movies

Get a standard superhero comic book and its possible that harshly a quarter of any given issue will be possessed by a long battle. The general population craving for superheroic beat downs hasn't reduced since Superman was punching Nazis in the war years, and now that its overflowed onto the silver screen.

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Porcelain_Chicken1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Some good fight scenes there. I forgot how much i loved the Russian scene in The Punisher. But also some (forgive me for saying) silly choices. The subway fight in TASM wasn't really a fight, it was more like Peter hitting a few guys and removing from a woman the burden of shirts (good kid). The Spidey 2 Dock Ock train fight would and should have fit the list better. Also the X-men origins "battles" weren't so much battles as they were a giant montage of Wolverine and Sabretooth running into battle. Wolverine's fight with Mystique in the first X-men was pretty damn cool though and should have been up there.

My top 5 personal list for sh*ts & giggles.

1. Smallville fight - Man of Steel
2. Last fight - Watchmen
3. Spidey vs GG - Spider-man
4. Train scene - Spider-man 2
5. White house fight - X-2.

Rute1448d ago

You mean the final fight in man of steel? That was awesome.

Porcelain_Chicken1447d ago

No, the Smallville fight was the when where Supe's fights Faora and Nam-ek (BIG DUDE) in his hometown. After Zod threatens Clark's mother. The final fight was cool too but that Smallville fight really blew me away.

Z5011448d ago

Not 1 Blade movie on this list. smh

Porcelain_Chicken1447d ago

Shamefully I totally forgot about Blade aswell. The Blade vs. Nomak fight in Blade 2 had me :O the first time i saw it.

I want a Blade/Ghostrider team up movie now...

Rute1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

My top 5 would be..
1. V for Vendetta: the final fight
2. Avengers: the end 'war'
3. Iron man: breaking free from captivity
4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world: the final fight
5. X-men 2: the white house scene

Also, there must have been some cool fights in Sin City but it's been a long time since i've seen the film so i just don't remember.

Scumdog1447d ago

Comic Book movies..ahh the pain i feel, i want to love these movies as i love everything about comic books, the smell upon opening the book, the cool as crap characters & powers - the stories of those powers & how they were made or happened. CGI has, imo ruined modern fantasy, sci-fi & comic book movies. Also other IP's i loved growing up Transformers - what trash, have you seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer?...someone please murder this man ffs.