Sand & Snow: A Game of Thrones Podcast - S4E10 "The Children"

Sand & Snow is a Game of Thrones podcast covering all the weekly happenings in the world of Westeros and beyond! Hyle Snow is a film major who exclusively enjoys Game of Thrones through the HBO television series. Jade Sand is a science major who has also read all of the books in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Together they gather to discuss and review the latest episode while also comparing it with the books, with their own brand of insight and speculation.

Beware! This podcast is dark and full of spoilers! This show covers all the content up to and including the titled episode of Game of Thrones. It also discusses the details of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire up to the current part of the story that the show has reached. However, there will be no spoiling of anything in the future of the TV series or story within the books.

This week: a wolf becomes a bird; the debut of Hound's Pound; and we learn if Tywin Lannister really does $%@# gold.

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NotALemon1486d ago

Hey there. I have just finished listening and I really loved the theory on who Jon Snow's mother was. I have a slightly different theory, but it still links back to the whole "Kingsblood" thing. I think Jon's mother is Lyanna Stark and his father is Rheagar Targarean. There is so much in the show and books that hints at this, like Robert hating the Targareans and Lyanna being taken captive. Also the secret that Ned kept for Lyanna when she was dying. Ned being honourable and therefore wouldn't cheat on Cat... But then I love that he may Stannis' son... The other hints being that Arya is said to look like Jon and not her other siblings, and also she is said to look like Lyanna. I don't know! Just a theory from the books and show but yeah. Love the show!!