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9 Movies in Which Main Character Died

The demise of a main character in a movie is a rare phenomenon for many reasons. First, once a movie star has been paid a money to appear on the big screen and it’s been sold on their name, viewers are really depressed when he/she dies. Secondly, in any movie you want an audience to go on an emotional journey with a character, which again is something that’s hard to do if they get killed off.

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Alxe1487d ago

Matrix and Gladiator, they should not die and also Titanic

dota2champion1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

If jack didn't died in titanic, then the film wouldn't been sad.

i really didn't care about jean death x-men. also, did anyone cared that t-800 dies in terminator? theres lots of him in the future

Treezy5041486d ago

I don't believe Jack die, he simply float to bottom of sea to sing with Sebastian from Little Mermaid.

listenkids1486d ago

Thousands of other people dying in agony and drowning is not enough for you?! Monster!

kaozgamer1486d ago

What about "The Departed"? That was one crazy twist.