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Defiance's first season ended on what can only be called a huge cliffhanger, forcing fans to anxiously await the second season. The show, which has both a tv show and video game component, brings fans of science fiction together as we spend time alongside a set of new heroes, Nolan and his adopted daughter, as well as the diverse people of the town of Defiance - built atop the ruins of Old Saint Louis. With a mix of action, intrigue, betrayal, love, and loss, the first season of Defiance (and hopefully this new one) is something that every science fiction fan would enjoy.

With the Earth Republic having taken over Defiance, and Nolan searching for Irisa – the world that we know from the first season is all but gone. The city is at its boiling point, with miners and townspeople alike being treated differently than they were before, both for better and for worse.

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alycakes1488d ago

Loved it...can't wait for Nolan and Irisa to go back to Defiance and get things going again.

NerdyRaptor1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Agreed! I think this season will be full of conflicts and action, especially once they get back.


alycakes1488d ago

I want to know more about this thing that took hold of Irisa and what is happening to her. I think it's also going to have a lot to do with helping them take Defiance back but they just don't know anything about it yet.