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Game of Thrones “The Children” – What was Different?

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Game of Thrones has come to an end with “The Children”, the final episode in its fourth season that has set the direction for season 5 and beyond. Like last week’s episode, “The Children” varied greatly from the books for a few choice scenes, especially those involving Arya, but overall it maintained the vision that Martin painted in his books. A few narrative threads were rushed to push the overall story forward, but the liberties the show runners took won’t greatly affect the outcome of what Martin has written so far. Head on down below to find out exactly what was different, and what was similar between “The Children,” and Martin’s books.

Please proceed with caution as there will be major spoilers for the TV show and the A Song of Ice and Fire novels in the sections below."

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tacotruck1492d ago

It's always interesting to see how the show varies from the books.

febzilla1492d ago

Why did it have to end?!

TenBensons1492d ago

Another bloody year to wait. Aaaaaaaagh.