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Mary Jane Reaction When She Was Cut From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Shailene Woodley known as Mary Jane has finally broken her silence, when she was ousted from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Shailene Woodley (Mary Jane) explained her feeling with brutal honesty when she was fired.

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Alxe1493d ago

she was just want to cry :(
feeling so bad for her

RetrospectRealm1493d ago

Uh, just to let you know that's not Woodley in your photo... Lol

Alxe1493d ago

i think u'll be happy now :P

dota2champion1492d ago

She doesnt even say why she was cut. was it because fanboys criticize for not being hot enough?

Deadpoolio1491d ago

No she was cut because it didn't make sense to have Peter suddenly jumping into another relationship right after Gwen died....Marc Webb has said that a few times...

MWH1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

thanks for the spoiler.

caseh1491d ago


I'm not even that big a fan of Spiderman and even I knew Gwen's fate long before the sequel was even announced.

Anyone who has looked at the Spiderman wiki would know this within 2 mins of reading.

Darrius Cole1491d ago

Yeah, everybody who knows Spider-man enough to be reading about him on the internet knows that Gwen dies.

Grap1491d ago

Not hit enough yah right.

Darrius Cole1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Count me as one who didn't think she was hot enough. Mary Jane is supposed to be blinding, you-should-be-a-model-or-on-tv hot. I didn't think the last girl was hot enough to convey that on the silver screen, where all the girls, even the extras, are smoking hot compared to us normal people.

StarWarsFan1492d ago

I'm sure the reaction the movie has gotten has softened the blow.

Soldierone1491d ago

I don't think it was a good idea to have her just yet. By introducing her later you have a story to tell alongside the villains in a later movie.

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