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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Pushed Back to an Undisclosed 2017 Release Date?

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In a post about the rumoured slate for Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC Comics movies (more details on that can be found by clicking here), Ain’t It Cool News reveal that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 may have been pushed back to 2017.

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darklordzor1496d ago

Wouldn't be entirely surprised here, considering all the stuff we're hearing about them wanting to do Sinister Six or even Venom first.

Crazay1495d ago

There was also that rumor that Marvel might be getting it back in some capacity. perhaps a shared franchise?

DarkBlood1495d ago

But wouldnt they have to revolve the script around the marvel movie verse so they dont #### it up?

darklordzor1495d ago

Marvel's not getting anywhere near it. That rumor doesn't have a lot of grounding from what I've heard. Sony wants to keep it and the best we can hope for is a cameo...maybe.

SilentNegotiator1495d ago

The best we can hope for is Disney getting out their giant pocketbook and writing a check for a couple billion.

dota2champion1495d ago

why don't they just call sinister six film amazing spiderman 3? unless it wont have spiderman in it

Genki1495d ago

They ought to push it back to 2117. I'm not looking forward to a sequel to that awful movie in this lifetime.

Hergula1495d ago

That would be sad if this turns out to be true...

Ipunchbabiesforfun1495d ago

Liked 1, thought 2 was kinda lame mainly because I was lost. I didn't realize that the story arch was based on a separate version of comic books. I just watched the cartoon as a kid so I know the general story so this movie confused me with how the events are different or in different orders.

GenericNameHere1495d ago

The movie's story is different from the cartoons makes the movie lame? It's the classic Gwen Stacy story in the comics 40 years ago. I think she was in the 90s cartoon too, but MJ was the main girl in it.

You should get to reading it. It's a great story... Until the story about her being cloned and how she was getting funky with Norman Osborn. Ugh. You know what, don't even bother. It's confusing.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1494d ago

Yes, I thought 2 was lame because I was lost. I'm not sure how to even explain it at this point. Maybe it makes sense and I didn't even realize it. I always thought Osborne became the green goblin and his son was the hob goblin? I'm used to Mary Jane as well, not gwen stacy. The stories just kind of conflict, at least they did while I was watching it. I just thought it was weird to tell one store and then tell the same story in a different fashion.