‘Boba Fett’ Movie To Be Written By Lawrence Kasdan??


We already knew Kasdan was writing one of the standalone Star Wars flicks, and now the Schmoes reckon they've confirmed that it'll be the solo adventures of the galaxy far far away's most notorious bounty hunter. More past the jump.

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darklordzor1472d ago

Considering we already know that Gary Whitta is writing the first spin-off, my first thought is that Boba Fett will happen later. If Whitta was brought on just to "polish" Kasdan's script they would have mentioned Kasdan in the initial press release.

Crazay1472d ago

You think there's a chance that we get all Star Wars'd out before the end of the supposed timeline that seems to be out there?

darklordzor1472d ago

Maybe for some people...I don't think I'll ever be Star Wars'd out!

Crazay1472d ago

I don't know about myself. I might get some Star Wars fatigue. I want to say I won't but I can't see how it can't happen.

Mr_cheese1471d ago

I've always wanted to see more of the star wars universe, preferably not focused on the Jedi's but more the seedy under worlds. There are a lot of stories to be told, and so long as they are told right, why not ay?