15 Actors Who Masterfully Hide Their Natural Accents


There’s nothing worse than a bad fake accent, especially when it distracts the audience from the story that’s being told. That being said, there’s nothing more impressive than learning an actor is hiding their natural voice, and doing it flawlessly. This is no easy task, but the actors listed below are just a few of those who pull it off without effort.

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Alxe1447d ago

Christian Bale and Toni Collette

krazykombatant1446d ago

LOL colin farrell sh!ttiest actor there could be

hazelamy1446d ago

Sean Connery is definitely not gonna be on that list. ^_^

Porcelain_Chicken1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Shaykin, nawt shterred. (Shaken, not stirred) - James Bond/Sean Connery in Goldfinger in 1964

problemchild841446d ago

A bunch of people on The Walking Dead are British and I never would have guessed that. I was surprised to hear them speak in interviews and off the set, pretty amazing hearing Rick, Maggie and The Governor's natural accents when compared to their characters on the show.