First Reactions To The Flash Speed In; Gotham Praised As "Beautifully Produced"


A lucky few recently got to watch the pilot for The Flash, and they've taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the latest series from The CW. Are they good or bad? You'll have to hit the jump to find out, where you'll also find a verdict on Batman prequel Gotham.

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-Foxtrot1507d ago

God I do not get the hype for this show, it's latching of Arrows success and people think because Arrow is good that this HAS to be good.

Grant Gustin is a horrible actor and looks terrible as the Flash. Way too young looking compared to Stephen Amell

JL1506d ago

With all due respect, I can understand not having much expectation for a show. But I'd have to figure that the opinions of people who have actually seen the pilot (artists and professional journalists even) holds a bit more weight than someone's opinion that hasn't even seen it...right? Just seems stubborn to continue bashing something you haven't seen when lots of others are apparently praising it.

Crazay1506d ago

I agree with everything you say JL - but I'm afraid it's going to fall upon deaf ears in this case.

At any rate - I think Arrow is amazing and I've heard good things about the episodes that this Flash appeared on during the most recent season of Arrow so I'm sure it's going to be pretty awesome.

Quagmire1505d ago Show