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Junkie Monkeys: The Boondocks “Freedom Ride or Die” Episode Review

Junkie Monkeys: It’s no secret that The Boondocks season 4 is shallow, mediocre, and far from being placed in the same tier as previous (and significantly better) seasons. I can go on and on about each new episode of The Boondocks not living up to expectations, but I still tune in every single week simply because I am a fan. I’ve loved this series for a very long time and it is depressing that this highly anticipated season has been completely lackluster. With that being said, the latest episode in this season of The Boondocks is the best episode of the season thus far.

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zeal0us1464d ago

This was one of the funniest episodes so far. Sadly I don't think the next episode "Granddad Dates a Kardashian" will be that funny. Most of these episodes would've been great at one time or another but in 2014 not so much.

SilentNegotiator1463d ago

Watching the all state guy man handle Freeman was pretty funny. This was definitely the best episode of this somewhat disappointing season.