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Sand & Snow: A Game of Thrones Podcast - S4E7 "Mockingbird"

A weekly Game of Thrones podcast covering and reviewing every episode of the hit HBO tv series as well as comparing it to the books in George R.R. Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire. This episode covers S4E7 "Mockingbird."

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hipstermafia1514d ago

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NotALemon1514d ago

The Hound and Arya story is definitely dragging. Shame because at the beginning of the season that was my favorite pairing.

Shaughnessy1514d ago

Where's the bird?? This new guy is okay, but bring back the lady!

LocumSelf1514d ago

Great... Now every time I hear the Game of Thrones theme I'm going to be singing "Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage."

michellequillen1514d ago

Funny, the words I sing to the theme are "Asshole, you're an asshole, you're an asshole"

Shaughnessy1514d ago

wankers, bloody wankers, bloody wankers