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Supernatural Season 10 Scoop: Mark Sheppard Upped to Series Regular

This can't bode well for Dean Winchester...

... but it makes sense following the shocking cliffhanger that concluded Supernatural Season 9:

Our beloved Dean is now a demon (or at least has the eyes of one at this point), so the King of Hell himself must be playing a key role this fall, right?

The CW has confirmed that Mark Sheppard will be a series regular on Supernatural Season 10, joining Misha Collins in that capacity, as the network also announced this month that Castiel will return to a full-time role next year.

No word yet on just how many episodes will include Crowley, but it's safe to say he'll be around a quite often to make life miserable for our demon hunters.

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alycakes1517d ago

As far as I'm concerned he's been a regular pretty much already. He's on at least half of the episodes. I remember when they were going to cancel the show after the second season and here we are going into the 10th.....that's one time I'm glad I went online and complained.