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TVF Supernatural Season Finale Review: Raging Dean

TVF:There’s just something about a Supernatural finale that knows how to reel it all back in and gear up excitement for the following season.

Where the fantastic Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23 initiated the visually stunning fall from Heaven, Supernatural Season 9 had the task of dealing with that fallout and the angels on Earth. Oh yeah, and with Metatron trying to become the new God.

While I liked certain aspects of the angel storyline (definitely actor Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel or Castiel learning to be human), as the season progressed, I grew a bit tired of all the factions and the less than memorable angels.

And where Metatron had been such a cool new villain, it was as if the show couldn’t quite make him menacing enough. Yes, he gave the go ahead to kill Kevin, but it was almost as if the series turned him into a smarmy angel obsessed with getting everyone to follow him.

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alycakes1516d ago

Oh Crap! No wonder Cain went into seclusion after he got the mark and the blade. That's how he had become a demon but he didn't bother to tell Dean that before giving him the mark. He just said that it comes with a price.