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Sansa Stark is Our Spirit Animal

Sansa Eddard Stark is the elder daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark. And probably one of the Most Strongest character in the whole series of Game of Thrones. It played by Sophie Turner. Well, everyone may not be a fan of Sansa Stark, but it is a non- denying fact that she is one of the most relatable characters. We may live in a real word and Stark girl lives in the word of kings and dragons, sometimes we can’t help but feel as if Sansa is our spirit animal. Here are some of the reasons of it and that’s true.

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gunnerforlife1518d ago

Whose seen that naughty picture of Sophie Turner? She's got such a fine booty! Loll
But Sansa really is a strong character! Most females would break if they went what she went through!

Blacktric1517d ago

Stop falling for every fake picture you saw on the internet man, jesus christ.