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8 Movies That Can Play With Your Mind

EasyGuidez: Here we are with the list of 8 movies that can play with your mind. We are talking about movies that leave many questions in your mind. So check the list and understand what I am talking about.

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Funkydesert1594d ago

Inception is a good to watch

pompombrum1594d ago

If any of you want a movie that plays with your mind and are open minded enough to give Japanese anime a try, look for a film called Perfect Blue.

dwezel1594d ago

Great anime. Paprika was also amazing. Too bad we'll never get the dream machine from satashi kon. One of the all time great anime masters. R.I.P.

dieger1594d ago Show
babis19741594d ago

my 1st choise Donnie Darko, a masterpiece, the other films are also perfect...mindtraps...

Lafanga1593d ago

Donnie Darko A mind F**k movie

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