Top 5 Replacements For Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man

UTF: With Robert Downey Jr.’s recent bout of doubt concerning his future with Marvel Studios, we were bound to ask the question, who could possibly replace him as the great cynical Shellhead? Now, before you storm the mighty $425/month basement suite of UTF (otherwise known as the “haha, you’re broke apartment” by our douchey slumlord), allow me to explain our selection. The first two mighty replacements are based on a world where Robert Downey Jr will remain in the Marvel Universe as Tony Stark, but he’ll be replaced as the primary protagonist of the Iron Man series. And those final 3 are based on Kevin Feige’s idea to “Bond it”, as in replace the actor, but keep the same continuity, so we don’t need to reboot the series over, and over, and over, and over.

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-Foxtrot1560d ago

You can't replace RDJ...

KwietStorm1559d ago

Well they're gonna have to.

-Foxtrot1559d ago

If it's a new Iron Man film in a rebooted Marvel universe after they do as much as they can to the Marvel universe they already have with new actors as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Loki etc then fair enough but I wouldn't want to see a mix between old and new actors.

It would look wrong and out of place.

kingPoS1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

He's Ironman in people minds, it's going hard to shift form that perspective. He was in the Avengers, which also helped to solidify that viewpoint.

-Foxtrot1559d ago

He's also going to be in Avengers 2 and 3 so he's not going to budge out of peoples minds for a long time

ajax171559d ago

None of those guys they picked would feel right. If anything I'd pick someone like Johnny Depp to replace RDJ. They have a similar screen presence.

cell9891559d ago

no not Jhonny Depp, I dont want that pirate accent on Tony Stark

KwietStorm1559d ago

And what makes you think he would have a pirate accent playing Tony Stark? lol seriously

ajax171559d ago

I just meant they have a similar goofiness. Why would he use his pirate accent? lol

cell9891559d ago

cause ever since Pirates, he always talks with that drunk Jack accent, just look at The Lone Ranger..

erikthegman1559d ago

Danny De Vito as ironman. Instant classic

MysticStrummer1559d ago

Gilbert Gottfried. He and Gwyneth would have amazing chemistry.

TopDudeMan1559d ago

Well, RDJ has signed on for another 2 avengers movies. Even though more iron man movies weren't part of the deal, I doubt they're impossible.

s45gr321559d ago

Terrible choices for me personally, just let Robert Downey Jr be ironman and Stark end of story

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The story is too old to be commented.