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Agents of Snooze | "The first time I attempted to watch the premier episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD I fell asleep 15 minutes in. In all fairness it was early on a Saturday morning and my ears were still buzzing from a metal hangover (go check out Facing the Gallows if you’re a hard rock fan – you’ll like). So there is that. But the second time, a day later, I struggled even more so, despite getting through Episode 1 and 2.

Before the Marvel mega fans get nasty, I consider myself one of your kin. I love what Marvel did with the X-men franchise and how they translated the Avengers franchise to the big screen. It was smart and they produced incredible movies…. But Agents of SHIELD? Overkill."

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Garethvk1656d ago

I agree, I am so bored with the show. I keep watching but wow, it gets dull. You have a supporting actor being asked to carry a series and you surround him with the most dull characters possible.