TVF Supernatural Review: Scooby Dean

Supernatural has tried some crazy episodes, but this was definitely one of the weirdest.

I’m sure the gag reel will be ripe with scenes from this hour because Dean acting like a dog just can’t be taken seriously, so there must have been a lot of laughter on set.

But basing the entire Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5 around the gimmick of talking with animals, while certainly funny at times, screamed FILLER in a way that really makes you think just what were the writers thinking.

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alycakes1656d ago

I don't care what kind of rating they gave it sometimes you just have to lighten up and this one was funny.

medman1654d ago

I agree, it started out a little iffy but I found myself laughing out loud several times over the course of the episode. It was very funny.

alycakes1654d ago

Good to know someone else enjoyed it. I thought Dean did a great job acting like a dog.