Wolverine Time Traveling In X-Men: DOFP To Do More Than Stop Giant Robots


"There's bad blood because of everything Erik's done to Charles. Obviously Hank is on Charles' side completely," says Nicholas Hoult on the current X-Men factions in the 70's. Plus, a small hint about Wolverine's mission in the film.

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-Foxtrot1689d ago

I wonder if at the end of the film we find out that because Logan has messed with the timeline by trying to stop something from happening in the future he ends up changing the timeline so much that whatever happened in X-Men, X-men 2 and X-Men the Last Stand either didn't happen or happened in a different way.

This could be a great way to fix what The Last Stand did wrong. What if Jean never becomes the Phoenix because the events in X-men 2 never happened for whatever reason. Scott and Jean could still be alive

Imagine if the after credits scene features Logan walking into a room only to see Jean and Scott kissing with him looking at them in disbelief

Crazay1689d ago

I recall Bryan Singer saying something to the effect that he's going to fix what happened in the 3rd movie with this one.

-Foxtrot1689d ago

Did he...well it seems like the only logical thing they could do

It would basically rewrite the timeline so not only did the robots take over in Days of Future Past but The Last Stand never happened.

I hope we get X-Men 4-6 in the future with the Phoenix saga played out over the three films. Trying to cram it all into one movie was silly.

From the Phoenix to the White Phoenix

DarkBlood1689d ago

you see that doesnt quite make sense how can it just be the third movie shouldnt meddling with the past ensures any events in the orignal trilogy never happens?

i mean its not like wolverine is going to relive first and second movie events again as if anyone would when i imagine a few people are going to know the events from the future.

Baka-akaB1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

because Wolverine will obviously fails at it , when trying to rewrite history , he'll make some part identical or worse . Wich will rewrite the bad parts of the trilogy will keeping a good chunk of it , as a baseline for probable future X movies

-Foxtrot1688d ago


Well the main reason the third film happened was because of what happened in the second film. If you took away William Stryker for example then the events of X men 2 wouldn't of happened thus Jean not sacrificing herself at the end of the second film....although this wouldn't work since Wolverine hasn't been through Project X yet in his younger body.

Anyway the fact is they could do it in a way like Baka-akaB has said which would only change small points.

I would like to see some characters like Charles, Magneto, Wolverine, Kitty, Iceman...basically whoever was still alive in the X Men group remember the other timeline....I suppose you could have a plot device where Professor X abilities managed to project them from the timeline changes. There is a bit in the trailer where his older self is talking to his younger self so both timelines are still active.

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Crazay1689d ago

I want to say I agree with you about the Phoenix saga, but, i really think they should stick to something else. I like the Days of Future Past line so I'm hopeful this is a story arc that spans 2 or 3 movies.

LightofDarkness1688d ago

Well, they'll have tackled two of the best X-Men storylines with this. Can we have Age of Apocalypse next? Pretty please?

Shad0wRunner1688d ago

I cant stand people who say "Oh yay, another Wolverine movie featuring the X-Men."

These people are morons who obviously know nothing about the X-Men comics, cartoons or mythologies. Frggin idiots. Wolverine is one of the key characters in this particular storyline (Days Of Future's Past) and people would know that if they actually read the comics or watched the cartoons.

Here, I did ya'll a favor. Found it on YouTube. You can start by watching the entire storyarc Days Of Future's Past. Ya might learn somethin...

And STOP with all the Wolverine hate. -_-

Harpers_Ferry1688d ago

I agree, I think most of the Wolverine hate stems from people who got sick of him as the "go to" Marvel character for so much of the 90s. He has been especially good in recent years in various X-books.

Harpers_Ferry1688d ago

I find it highly amusing that I am sitting here thinking about the post-credits scene for an unreleased movie, but I really hope it involves Cable.

I have a bad feeling that they might replace him with Bishop in the future X-Force movie.