CBS Eyes ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff From Carter Bays, Craig Thomas & Emily Spivey


As fans are preparing to say goodbye to one of TV’s most popular comedies, How I Met Your Mother, CBS is looking to extend the franchise. I’ve learned that the network is in talks with HIMYM producer 20th Century Fox TV for a spinoff series, which takes a female spin on the original show. Referred to as How I Met Your Father, the spinoff hails from HIMYM creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator/exec producer Emily Spivey.

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-Foxtrot1634d ago

Why start with a new lead and do a How I met your father show when it's not going to be Ted's wife showing her point of view.

Think about the possibilities, you could see things tie in with each other, moments when she almost run into Ted or other characters especially when Ted was dating her room mate.

Deku-Johnny1634d ago

That's a much better idea. This just sounds like what it is, money grabbing.

Lord_Sloth1634d ago

We don't know that it's not what they're doing to be fair. They said a new cast of characters, well, the Mother does count as a new character.

vitorizzo1634d ago

Maybe ted's wife isnt alive during that time in 2030 when hes talking to his kids about how he met her. That would be horrible though.

-Foxtrot1634d ago

I'm sure there's a scene from 2030 where he says to older Marshal and Lilly as they all get high off "sandwiches"

"Hey...where's my wife"