Fox Grants Dads A Full-Season Order

We're going to be seeing more of Dads on Fox. The sitcom, which met with harsh reviews from a number of critics since it's debut, is still managing to attract an audience, so much so that Fox today granted the freshman sitcom its back nine-episode order for a full 22-episode first season.

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alycakes1698d ago

I'm not surprised. It's a very funny show.

GiantEnemyCrab1697d ago

Awful show. Seth Green needs to stick to Robot Chicken.

-Foxtrot1697d ago

How the hell did this's crap

If Chris is the Griffin to die in this season of Family guy, it had better not of been for shows/films like this.

Sitcoms these days, even most British ones suck now.

The last one I liked just had it's final episode a few weeks ago....goodbye IT Crowd :(

ajax171697d ago

Seriously, FOX? Ugh, people will watch any crap.

StarWarsFan1694d ago

I find the show okay. But it's certainly better than Brooklyn Nine-Nine.