Exclusive New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Stills


It’s a good time to be a mutie lover. On Tuesday, the first trailer for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past will arrive, while next Thursday will see the launch of the new issue of Empire, featuring a world exclusive report from the film’s Montreal set.

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Anthotis1637d ago

Whatever her name is looks pretty good as Mystique in that picture.

I hope she's slimmed down a bit, as she looked to podgy for the role, as Mystique is supposed to be slender and statuesque.

Crazay1637d ago

you sir are incorrect. there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Jennifer Lawrence looks like. She's not even remotely "Podgy".

StarWarsFan1631d ago

I'm glad their fusing the past and present versions of characters. I didn't mind First Class, but I also didn't love it.