TVF Agents of SHIELD Review: Coming Clean

On Agents of SHIELD this week, we got a better look at Centipede as we met Raina, a new key player in the organization who arrived as the "Girl in the Flower Dress."

Raina has a lot more subtly to her style, easily charming Chan, a street pyrokentic, and convincing him that taking the name "Scorch" would give him a chance to be remembered by the world. The Yin to her Yang was the doctor we previously met in the pilot, who was much more direct in her methods of wanting to use him up.

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alycakes1672d ago

That was a great show last night. I'm glad Skye finally had to come clean with her secrets. I was wondering if it was going to happen sooner or later which would make a difference in whether she would be good or bad.