Awesome Horror Movie Pumpkin Carvings

Best Horror Movies says:"It's the favorite time of year for horror movie fans and Halloween is right around the corner. One of my favorite past times is carving pumpkins, although I'm not very good at it I still give it my best shot. I have always admired the talents of the great pumpkin carvers. Only hopping that one day I will have the artistic ability and skill to complete such masterpieces myself. While I work on my skills I thought I would share some of my favorite horror movie pumpkin carvings."

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Best-Horror-Movies1671d ago

If I could only make these myself. I have a hard time making the triangle eyes! LOL

darklordzor1670d ago

I made a pretty bitching Yoda pumpkin last night, but even that was done with a stencil. I admire the people that can make art out of pumpkin carving. All my talent lies within pen and paper.

SKYVVLKR1670d ago

That second Hellraiser doe.

StarWarsFan1662d ago

I really want to set some time aside one of these years and make an attempt at a crazy carving like these.