15 Comic Book Villains That Deserve a Movie

Chillopedia: The greater the threat, the stronger the hero. In spite of the fact that super villains forever hold an agenda to harm the ones who stand side by side good, it cannot be denied that they hold as much importance as the heroes themselves in terms of serving the captivating plot. Numerous movie adaptations of comic book superheroes have featured various outlaws as adversaries; leaving few underutilized.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31678d ago

Deserve a movie or deserve to be in a movie? I blame the X-men for not utilizing their rogues gallery and just going for the same old Magneto vs. Professor X plot every time. I thought Kevin Bacon would have been perfect for Mr. Sinister.

aDDicteD1674d ago

i agree with the list although ultron will become a reality. apocalypse is a good choice to be the future villain for the x men.

StarWarsFan1672d ago

I'm with Black Cat and Deadpool. I'd like to see Carnage involved in the actual Spider-Man movies, even across multiple movies.