Hans Zimmer Hasn’t Been Asked to Score the Man of Steel Sequel Yet


Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel may be moving faster than you thought: Even though the filmmaker only recently cast Ben Affleck as Batman and major production isn't supposed to get under way until the New Year, the movie is actually shooting some football-game scenes this weekend, suggesting that Snyder already has most of his film's essential crew members in place. Still, there's one important talent left who still hasn't figured out whether he's returning for another go-round: Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer, who was brought on to the first Man of Steel by producer Christopher Nolan, for whom he scored all three Dark Knight movies.

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darklordzor1649d ago

Hopefully he is. I can understand why he may want to step back from it, but his scores have been amazing, and always add to these films.

Crazay1649d ago

Hans Zimmer is a legend.

darklordzor1648d ago

Yep, he's earned a spot amongst the likes of John Williams for me now.

StarWarsFan1642d ago

I'd like to see John Williams come back with a fresh/modern take of his own.