The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1 Recap: “30 Days Without an Accident” | All That's Epic

ATE writes: "And we’re back! After a long break from season three, season four of hit AMC television series The Walking Dead is back! To all Walking Dead fans, this feels like a conversation that has picked up once again after quite a hiatus and we can admit to it: a part of our zombie heart is back. The season premiere deals with walkers falling from the sky, creepy ladies in the woods, and blood and guts. It wouldn’t be an episode without some guts!"

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ajax171652d ago

It was alright. The ending was rather disturbing.

Varzoth1651d ago

It was good for the season premier, can't start with balls-to-the-wall action. Have to have what little sense of security the survivors have be slowly broken. This is going to be an awesome season.

Scrivlar1651d ago

Haven't seen it yet but my criticism of the series is that almost every episode starts good then reallllly slows down in the middle where not much happens to progress the story,and then usually has a good end. So I hope it's not like that still.