Criminal Minds Exclusive: A.J. Cook on Season 9, J.J.'s Backstory and the BAU Newbie

Criminal Minds season 9 begins this Wednesday. And in anticipation of the premiere, TV Fanatic sat down with A.J. Cook to discuss the coming episode, along with what happened with J.J. during those months in Season 6 when she was AWOL.

What makes this season different from the rest? What's with the new guy in the BAU? Read on for A.J's take on all that went down and all that's on the way.

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alycakes1760d ago

This show never getting tiring or boring to me. I like all the characters but I hate it when new ones come in to replace someone like last season.

darklordzor1760d ago

I'm not that big into it, but it's far and away my father's favorite show. Every time I visit, he's telling me about it.