Daryl and Merle Dixon Get A Walking Dead Spin Off in 2015?

Junkie Monkey's Chris talks gives his thoughts on The Walking Dead companion series aimed to debut in 2015.

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darklordzor1729d ago

Unlikely. Seriously, there's not enough time there to cover. When they were still together the Zombie outbreak was still pretty young, and only a couple months (maybe) until they met up with Rick and were separated. Doesn't seem like a strong basis for a spin-off.

Frankly, I hope they go with all new characters and is treated as a separate show.

Lord_Sloth1729d ago

This as a but possibility wold create a plot hole in the show and they would have to kill Daryl. Either way I won't watch it.

Agent_00_Revan1729d ago

Please don't. I LOVE the show, but I just think this would be overkill and ruin it. Not to mention, I don't see it being That entertaining.

Soldierone1728d ago

It'd be better to have Daryl break from the group and find another group. However all his followers would just go to the new show.

Daryl is a massive fan favorite, so if this does happen then its obvious its them wanting to kill him off, but keep his fans happy. However that would make for a boring series since you know for a fact he lives through it all. What makes TWD so fun to watch is you literally don't know who will go next, and Rick is always a possibility.

WitWolfy1728d ago

Clearly you havent read the comics at all... Sure they changed a few things here and there... But I can assure you Rick still stays the antagonist.

Soldierone1728d ago

I do read the comics, Kirman makes changes and there is a possibility that Rick gets killed. Its not likely, but possible.

Where exactly is Daryl in the comics again? lol (Btw its protagonist :P )

WitWolfy1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

You can see him as a protagonist if you want, but I see him as a antagonist. Rick is the bad guy of this show(much like Walt in Breaking bad if you will)... If it wasn't for his foolishness, lack of leadership and choices many people would still be alive to this day. Face it characters like the Governor are just a taste of what Rick will eventually turn into...

pompombrum1728d ago

Don't see it happening tbh, Daryl and Merle are far far far better as supporting characters.