30 Years Later, Jim Cameron Reveals His Favorite Terminator Movie

Jim Cameron is a hard man to get an interview with, especially for online sources. But he has recently spoken briefly to Empire magazine for an exclusive offline publication interview. Empire is probably the biggest movie magazine in Europe. They asked him, 30 years later, what his favourite Terminator is and his response was this...

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aDDicteD1765d ago

i knew he was going to choose the original. terminator 2 is just as good or might be better in the eyes of some. its just like comparing alien and aliens both are superb but they differ in stylish terms. terminator 1 might really have a very slight edge over t2.

Kurylo3d1762d ago

Anything done by james cameron is gold. Such attention to detail... i mean just look at the behind the scenes of aliens. Its rediculous. Its no wonder every sci fi first person shooter to date rips of aliens big time. Hes not only a great film maker.. hes an inspirational visionary that defined a generation of gamers. Wether he knows it or not.