Brad Pitt On Possible World War Z Sequel; "We're Certainly Talking About It..."


World War Z was a movie that just about everyone believed would be both terrible and a huge flop at the box office; they were wrong on both counts. Talking at this year's Toronto Film Festival, Brad Pitt has offered an update on the current status of a possible sequel. Check it out!

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aDDicteD1776d ago

i certainly hope the sequel will come sooner, i really enjoyed world war z, it is the best zombie film i think since 28 weeks later and the ending was somehow sudden and i feel they can squeeze more to the story. its funny since i did not liked the trailer before it came out but when watching the film the zombies seemed ok and the entirety of the movie was surprisingly entertaining from start to finish.

Crazay1776d ago

I will admit that I liked it far more than I ever imagined but you said something that I was thinking and feeling through the whole movie...28 Weeks Later.

This felt way more like a 28 Days/Weeks/months movie than it ever did a WWZ film.

Psychotica1775d ago

28 weeks later was one of the worse movies I have ever seen

RetrospectRealm1775d ago

How the hell did this get approved, it isn't even the right source...

Crazay1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Because Variety isn't a valid source due to the fact that it's a pay site after "X" number of clicks. Don't like it, take it up with JL who has continually preached this.

MilkMan1775d ago

WWZ was great. I cant even see other zombie flicks after seeing this.
Brad, please make another. You and your team did made all the right decisions.