Dexter Season 8 Episode 8″Are We There Yet” Review | Geeked Out Nation

Well, it would appear that Showtime have listened to all the reviews of last week’s episode being too predictable and decided to put a few unnecessary plot twists in this episode. I’d like to start off by saying that I always assumed that the viewers were supposed to project themselves onto Dexter and that’s the reason why he’s such a bland character. But I personally can’t understand why Dexter is so in love with Hannah. It takes you out of the show and really irritates me after a while. So a so-called sociopath Dexter seems to fall in love an awful lot. Rita, Lila, Lumen and now: Hannah (although for every love interest Dexter has, Debra has about 5 more). Is it just me or does Dexter have a thing for Rape victims? Half of all the women he’s been in love with have been rape victims. I don’t think Dexter is really a sociopath, I think he’s just, as Doakes used to call him, “a creepy motherfucker”

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