Bruce Willis Bored of Action Movies

Bruce Willis admits in European interview that he no longer cares for "fireballs" and explosions, calling the genre his main source of revenue but shrugging about promoting RED 2.

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darklordzor1616d ago

So is that his excuse for being so 'meh' in films lately? Don't get me wrong, I've always loved Willis, but lately he does seem bored in his films.

DarkBlood1616d ago

might explain why he was asking for a bit more money to be in expendables 3

MilkMan1615d ago

I love Willis, but you know what, hes paid his check in triplicate man and he has earned the right to say whatever he likes. Just like Anthony Hopkins. Hes sending a very clear message, get me some OTHER kinds of scripts.

You all remember the 6th sense right?

TwistedMetal1615d ago

hes to old lol. don't want to see his ugly face in any other genres

ironfist921615d ago

Good coz Im bored of seeing him

Hergula1615d ago

...and I am bored of his lackluster films the past 5 years or so.

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