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Meet the Cast: SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay – Jessica Merizan & Holly Conrad

Richard of interviews the cast of SyFy's upcoming reality/documentary series Heroes of Cosplay. The final cast members interviewed in the series are the cosplay team of Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad.

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Blacktric1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Considering how SyFy promotes and broadcasts utter unwatchable crap like Sharknado (which is a B movie for tasteless idiots who have no idea what a B movie is), it's not surprising to see cancerous crap like this. Can't wait for the inevitable news of premature cancellation in a couple of weeks.

Phoenix761797d ago

I just want to stare at fit girls in tight clothes ;-) lol

Blacktric1797d ago

Yeah but you can find tons of them on the internet. Cosplayers or not. You don't have to watch an hour long, horrible, pretentious documentary about "cosplay" on SyFy to find "fit girls in tight clothes".