TV Fanatic The Killing Season Finale Review: The Pied Piper Revealed

This was it. That final play that would either seal the deal for The Killing as a season worthy of its return... or collapse like a cardboard box under all the pressure of trying to close the lid on such a solid set of episodes.

Wonderfully, "From Up Here; The Road to Hamelin" delivered not only the actual identity of the killer, but- through a riveting two hours - the right dose of humor, some solid surprises, a tragic twist and a final shocking gun shot that closed the case of "The Pied Piper," yet left the door wide open for Linden and Holder's journey to continue.

I'm glad all of the core characters had their stories pretty much wrapped up before hitting that final course of focus on the killer.

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alycakes1754d ago

OMG!!! If anyone is keeping up with this series then they know why. I can't even begin to process what happened in the finale. We find out who the real killer is and I'm totally knocked off my feet. I'm am so off my sensors lately because it took me so by surprise.

The ending was off the I can't wait till next summer to find out what happens next.

1753d ago