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The Rock's Best Movies

IGN - By Jesse Sheeden

It's been quite a year for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The popular WWE wrestler-turned-Hollywood action hero has starred in no less than four films so far in 2013, including sequels in the Fast and Furious and G.I. Joe franchises. But Johnson has been a major player in Hollywood ever since making the jump from wrestling to acting with 2001's The Mummy Returns. He quickly developed a knack for playing colorful action heroes with a healthy dose of humor and his trademark charisma.

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Hergula1761d ago

The Other Guys? Whoah... I would have swapped that with Walking Tall, as The Other Guys' role was so minor that it hardly counts as "The Rock Movies".

Sandmano1761d ago

The only modern wrestler that actually made it in acting.

Hergula1760d ago

But not because of his actual acting skills, more because of his physical appearance and attitude/personality.

But it seems you are forgetting Dave Bautista, simply known as Batista, will be acting in Guardians of the Galaxy, and he has a role in Riddick 2013 film as well. He is on his way up.

coolbeans1761d ago

I was wondering where The Rundown was as I kept scrolling. You did not disappoint this time, IGN.

Lord_Sloth1760d ago

I disagree with Rundown being 1 of his best. I liked the movie well enough but it's kinda.....Sean William Scott annoys me.