Casting the New Batman: Top 5 Best Picks

Blaze Christian of GhostVolta: "Holy Toledo, Batman! We’re getting Superman and Batman…IN THE SAME MOVIE. Ermagherd!

Ok, enough nerding out for now. According to the press release, Batman’s return to the big screen alongside the Man of Steel will release Summer 2015, so it’s not for a while. This release will position it to go head-to-head with Marvel’s highly anticipated Avengers sequel. The Warners have further fleshed out their superhero movie schedule with “tentative plans” for a Flash film in 2016 and Justice League film sometime in 2017."

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colonel1791790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

What makes guessing the actor who will be playing Batman very hard, is that we don't know if they'll go for a younger version of Batman, or a more mature Batman like the Dark Knight Trilogy.

If they go with the younger style, Matt Bomer would be a great choice. He nails the sophisticated guy in White Collar, and he is great with action scenes.

Although it will most likely be someone totally unexpected that everyone will complain about but will like how he performs in the movie and will grow to love him.

AngryEnglish1790d ago

Your right about Matt Bomer, he is a great actor, he was also once given the role of Superman, he would make a fantastic Bruce Wayne

Hergula1790d ago

Matt Bomer looks way too similar to Henry Cavill though...