Man Of Steel 2 Production Departs Vancouver For Toronto

VB: Last night, news broke out on the relocation of the Fantastic Four ‘reboot’ film production to Louisiana. Although it was news to many, it was old news to those who work in the film industry.

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DarkBlood1731d ago

Sweet Im only an hour away from there, heres my chance to sneak a peak when they film lol

StarWarsFan1730d ago

Detroit should just reinvent itself as a movie production place with the best tax incentives.

coolbeans1729d ago

You know...that's an interesting idea. It would be a suitable spot for any post-apocalyptic movies since it's already halfway there. :P

Drekken1729d ago

The insurance rates to film there would be insane. Imagine getting mugged every other day on the way to work.