The Daily Rotation - The To-Do List Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Aubrey Plaza stars in Maggie Carey‘s directorial debut The To-Do List, an R-rated raunchy comedy about a girl playing catchup on her sexual escapades before she hits the college scene. The To-Do List is very much a cheap raunchy comedy, like the surprise hit Sex Drive, but where that film surprises with charm and a constantly flowing sense of humor The To-Do List detours into complete gross-out humor that sometimes works, but mostly for the viewers’ simple amusement. It’s not a bad film, especially for a newcomer director, but it’s also not a good one because of its hit-or-miss comedic delivery and constant feeling of trying too hard to push a joke beyond its welcome."

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coolbeans1763d ago

I'm a bit interested in seeing this just to see where I would stand on this one (and because Plaza's in it ^^).