New 300: Rise Of An Empire Poster Released

CBM: Ahead of its panel at the San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, Warner Bros have released a new poster for 300: Rise of an Empire which warns those who look upon it to "Fear Us!" Hit the jump to check it out.

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adorie1747d ago

^Lol @ Polar opposite opinions

Hergula1742d ago

Haha, didn't even notice Retro's comment before I started writing.

DarkBlood1747d ago

wonder if the fight is going to be smaller or just about as big as 300?

id still like to see a sequal though because it looked like it was going to be even worse then anything ever faced for the spartans

aDDicteD1745d ago

i dont think this film will be as good as 300 but im still going to watch it for pure action fun.