The Worst Films Of 2013... So Far

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Is this the worst summer of blockbusters in a recent age or is it the best? Are “Man of Steel" arguments worth losing friendships over? Is "Southland Tales" a masterpiece as posited by generation revisionism or is it the mess critics took it for initially? Will you dare to give your money to villain mensch Adam Sandler over hero Guillermo del Toro? Debate rages on in 2013 over a variety of topics as is par for the course in the opinionated world of movie criticism and discussion. And yes, as we glance down at our watches, we realize it’s basically the midway point of the year. We already looked at what a handful of us thought were the Best Film Of The Year... So Far, and so in the Peter Travers school of thinking, we thought it might be worthwhile to look at the worst films of the year so far on a Wednesday hump day.

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alycakes1779d ago

I haven't seen a couple of these but for the most part for the first time I have to agree with this list.

coolbeans1777d ago

Surprised to see The Place Beyond The Pines on there. Anyone here who's seen it agree with that choice?

Defectiv3_Detectiv31777d ago

No, not really. It's a little misguided but parts of it are teetering on great. The story follows 3 different characters and they don't all payoff as well as you would have liked, but I can't fault the filmmaker for going in a more interesting direction. It's definitly a cut about something like Hansel and Gretel or After Earth.