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The Lone Ranger Review | 8CN

8CN: The Lone Ranger joins the club of old, classic TV shows that have been remade as a feature film. While studios seem to do this to profit out of audiences' nostalgia (or simply because they're out of ideas), that doesn’t stop the film makers from actually putting some effort into their work. Director Gore Verbinski brings together much of the old crew from the Pirates of the Caribbean films to put together this wild ride.

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alycakes1809d ago

I totally enjoyed the movie. It started out a little iffy but then it got going and when it did I really liked it. I love Depp and it really doesn't matter to me what others think or say...he makes me enjoy the movie that much more. Armie Hammer would not have pulled this movie off with any other sidekick.....

danthebios1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

The worst remake movie is 21 jumpstreet!Comedy?!Seriously,i f they really did it seriously with all of the cast back together and not make it a comedy it would be good.Remember how they always become students well this time around they become the teachers hahaha,hmm that would be funny!!!I know,off topic,sorry.