Covert Affairs Confidential: Hill Harper On Season 4, Shady New Character

TV Fanatic:

Art addict and internal antagonist.

These are just two phrases to describe Hill Harper and the character this CSI: NY alum will be portraying on Covert Affairs Season 4 this summer.

When we left Annie, Auggie and the rest of the crew at the end of Covert Affairs Season 3, the former agreed to ally herself with Henry Wilcox. In the July 16 premiere, that journey will take her to South America, where she encounters Harper's Calder Michaels, a CIA bureau chief operating out of Columbia.

On my recent set visit to Toronto, Harper outlined Calder as an ambitious “internal antagonist” with his own view of how the CIA should be run, someone with dreams of making his way to Washington, D.C.

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alycakes1816d ago

I'm looking forward to this coming back...this is a great show to watch in the summer time. Great action and good spy stories.