It's Super Heroes That Need Saving

Turner Hodsoll comments on the recent streak of poor comic book adapted feature films. From Iron Man 3 to The Dark Knight Rises, the state of the super hero film is discussed.

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coolbeans1784d ago

"These reveals would be easier to embrace, if it wasn’t that the whole film’s marketing campaign and first two acts were building these Goliaths up, only for them to be ripped apart like tissue paper in the rain, just for the same of a last-minute ‘Oh my’ twist or shock ala an M. Night Shyamalan script."

Are we really so pedantic against a plot's big twist as to say 'if only it was marketed differently then I wouldn't mind it so much?' There's nothing wrong with disliking certain twists in movies (I think IM3's distracted from the fact Killian had such laughable motivations), but to admit the marketing of a film somehow affected your viewing experience with the movie--the only thing you should be focused on--displays a level of critical immaturity.