The Playlist Review: 'The Lone Ranger'

The Playlist:
"What's with the mask?" is a question frequently asked throughout "The Lone Ranger," both as a running gag and a reminder it seems, that the film will give you everything you ever wanted to know about masked hero, and then some. Walt Disney's high-priced potential franchise has a lot riding on it, and not just the pricetag which is well north of $215 million (not including marketing). If successful, it could mean yet another series tied to megastar Johnny Depp (who has a fifth "Pirates Of The Caribbean," and a second "Alice In Wonderland" brewing at the studio) and another property joining the studio's growing list of annual revenue streams. So perhaps it's not a surprise that they want to make sure that audiences everywhere get as much mythology and background on The Lone Ranger and Tonto, particularly as they are two old-fashioned, decades old characters that might be out of step with Superman and Iron Man type heroes of today. But it's just too bad all that franchise building gets in the way of telling a good yarn.

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